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Are you 21 years of age or older?
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Have you ever been convicted of a crime? (Convictions will not disqualify an applicant. Any criminal record that has been erased, expunged or statutorily eradicated does not need to be reported.)
What personal qualities do you have that would make you a good candidate to be a mentee with Her VOICE?
Why are you interested in being mentored with Her VOICE?
How did you hear about Her VOICE?
* Please list in number order, (1 being best timing and 3 being worst timing) which time of the day is most ideal for meeting with your mentor: Morning, Afternoon or Evening
* Are you willing and able to commit to a match for 1 year and making contact for at least 4 hours each month?
* If there are any barriers to the time commitment, what are they and how might they be able to be resolved?
* What area of Houston do you live?
* Do you prefer that your mentor live in the same area as you?
* What kind of relationship are you hoping to have with your mentor? (casual, formal, etc.)
* What does mentoring mean to you? Why do you want to be a mentee?
* What 5 words best describe you? What 5 words would others who know you well use to describe you?
* In your opinion, what attributes do you think are important for a mentor to have?
* What area do you feel a mentor could assist you in increasing your effectiveness in recovery as a survivor?
* Why is now a good time in your life to begin a yearlong mentoring program?
* Have you ever been mentored before (formal or informal)? Please describe that experience.
* Are you willing to complete the mentee orientation course prior to being matched in the program?
* What support is most needed in the lives of women today, especially those who are survivors of abuse?
* How long have you been removed from your abusive relationship? How were you able to free yourself from this relationship and sustain your recovery to this point?
* Briefly describe your experience with domestic violence.
* How would you define domestic violence?
Describe your employment history.
Describe your educational background.