Mentee Application

This application will begin the process of applying a child for a Big Friend.  After submitting this application, the parent or guardian will be contacted by a program Match Coordinator.  If this program is appropriate for the service - the next step will be a child interview.  The program will also need to collect information from any professionals; therapists, social workers, teachers, etc, who might help us better serve the child.  An application may be rejected at any time during the process.  It is best that the applied child understand that getting a Big Friend is only a possibility, not a guarantee.

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Program Questions
Will the applicant's family be remaining in the area for the next 1 year?
Parent's marital status:
If the absent parent sees the child, does he/she know about this application and does the absent parent feel that this is a good idea?
Does the child know the difference between a "good touch" and a "bad touch"?
Please list other adults and children living in the home (names and ages).
What school does youth attend?
What is youth's current grade in school?
How do you think a Big Friend could help this child?
What other agencies are you involved with? Please give names of professionals, agency and phone number.
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