Mentee Application

If you would like to enroll your child in our Youth Mentoring Program, please complete the Mentee Application and submit it to Children's Aid Society. If you have any questions while completing the application, please contact Jenna at (814) 765-2686 x209.

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Program Questions
* Parent/Guardian
* Is there a person who shares legal custody of this child?
* Do you have legal custody of the child?
* If yes, are they aware and supportive of the child's enrollment in the program?
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* May we contact you (the parent/guardian) at the work number?
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* What is the primary reason for you wanting your child to participate in the program?
* Does your child have siblings or relatives who are applying for the program at this time or who are currently in the program?
* Do you anticipate any significant life changs over the next year or have you had any in the past year, such as moving?
* Wil your child be able to meet with their mentor at least two times a month for four hours?
* Does your child have a parent/guardian with current or past military experience?
* Does your child have a parent/guardian who is currently incarcerated?
* Has your child ever been arrested or involved in the juvenile justice system?
* Within the last year, has your child been in any trouble at school?